Friday, March 27, 2015


Last week when I came across WeWork, a coworking company,
I was inspired to post about my work space.

I live in a tiny apartment with a little kitchen nook that I turn into a 
make-shift office when I need a home workspace, but let's be honest - 
my couch is where most of my late night blogging actually happens.

I love to surround myself with lots of natural light and simple and playful art.  
I try to keep it simple so I don't get distracted, which happens easily.  
I am also a huge fan of plants, they bring life and fresh air into my workspace. 

I always keep a photo of my husband and I close by.  
It's the perfect reminder of how great life is and 
why we work so hard to support and enjoy our time together.

Another thing I really care about is my computer background.  
As silly as it sounds, it really sets the tone for the project I'm working on.  
If I'm working on a pink post you can bet my background is saturated in pink.  
I find a ton of inspiring ones here.

If you are looking to grow your business out of your home 
and into a great artistic and inspiring community I would 
highly recommend WeWork!  They offer great office spaces 
in several cities across the world.  

If you are in the Seattle area I would check out their space.  
It's full of funky urban finds and a great space to simply get things done!

Have a great weekend!
{photos and styling by me}

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Grapefruit Martini

This cocktail is my jam. 
As the weather starts to warm I am craving grapefruit and citrus more and more!
Below is my favorite new after-work beverage.

**Did you know that local honey helps with allergies?  It's true - see here.


{photo found on Creature Comforts}

Monday, March 23, 2015

Italy (200 days later)

This past weekend I realized that I never shared my Italy photos... 
it's never too late right?!

Our first stop was Rome.  I loved the old buildings and ruins.  
My favorite part was seeing the Pope.  He seems pretty cool.  
Our favorite neighborhood was Trastevere.  Its the idealistic Italian 
neighborhood with windy backstreets and alleys that you could get happily lost in. 

Cinque Terre stole my heart.
From its Mediterranean beaches, fizzy wine, and pesto 
I was sold the minute I stepped off the train into torrential rainfall.  
Once the clouds cleared we were in heaven!  The town of Corniglia was our favorite.

Tuscany was as beautiful as I had imagined.  
The vineyards and Olive trees were spectacular.  
We loved the museums and seeing David in person 
was way more inspiring than I had imagined it to be.  
He's truly an incredible piece.

J and I loved Italy.  
If you are planning a trip and want any tips you can ask away!  
But truly experiencing it for yourself is the best way to see this amazing country.

 Ciao xo

{photos by me }

Friday, March 20, 2015

Flower School: Orange Blossom

One of my favorite spring time flowers is Orange Blossom.  
It smells so sweet and citrusy.  I love it's small white blossoms 
and tiny green leaves.  It always looks so amazing 
sitting tall in a vase in my living room.

Orange Blossom represents good fortune so they 
tend to be a popular wedding flower.  They were used in abundance 
during the Victorian era in bridal crowns and bouquets.  
You can learn more here.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Touch of Pink

I love living rooms with a touch of pink.  I doubt my husband 
would ever go for pink paint or a flamingo in our main 
common space but its too cute not to post.
I also love the half painted wall in the first photo above.
Do you have any accent walls?  Ours are all white - which I really love, 
especially for our tiny home.  

Happy Wednesday xo